What is milia under eyes?

What is milia under eyes?

Milia are tiny white seeds under eyes that look like pimples except they are not red and they have the color of the skin.Milia typically appear on or around a person's eyes,nose or cheeks.Milia occur when dead skin becomes trapped in small pockets at the surface of the skin causing a blockage which then fills with keratin to form the hard cyst.
The main forms of this condition are primary and secondary milia.While primary milia are very common in newborns and appear mostly near cheeks and noses, secondary milia can affect older children and adults too.

Milia Treatment
Usually no treatment is required for milia removal in babies.In adults too, milia disappear on their own with in 3-4 weeks.You are not advise to extract them yourself because it may lead to scarring and can damage the delicate under eye area.Though they can be carefully extracted by a professional dermatologist using a sterile needle.

Home Treatment
Removing excess oil and getting rid of dead skin cells from the skin pores is one way through which milia can be treated.Exfoliation or facial peels can help prevent milia appearing further.VitaminA creams are also used in the prevention of milia.Avoid treating your skin with excessive harsh chemicals that irritates the skin.Limiting sun exposure or using sunscreens can help prevent milia and always carry sun screen with SPF 15 or higher.

Cause of milia
Smothering your skin with heavy cosmetics or poor quality products,hence prevent natural shedding of dead cells
Too much sun exposure can thickens your skin surface and some times makes skin shedding difficult.Household irritants such as laundry detergent or an irritating and scratchy bed linen can cause irritation to the skin.Genodermatoses - genes are the most important factor.

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