Milia causes,prevention and home treatment and remedies

Milia are Little white bumps that look like milk pimples which may appear on the skin near the eye and chin area.They are believed to be caused by oil producing glands in your skin that are not fully developed.  In appearance they resemble white pimples between 1 mm and 2 mm in diameter.Sometimes, if a milia seed is new, it can be soft, and appear as though it is a pimple without an opening.
There are two types of milia- primary and secondary milia.While primary milia are very common in newborns and appear mostly near cheeks and noses, secondary milia can affect older children and adults too.
Milia can be a problem when it is still present in the skin even after passing the age of infancy

What causes milia on the face ?
Skin sheds dead cell everyday and replaces it with new cells but sometimes your skin has trouble shedding all of the dead skin thus dead skin gets trappes near the sueface which results to milia.Five main causes of milia are sun damage,heavy skin care products, diet rich in proteins,fats and some times genetics too contribute.

How to treat milia at Home?
Do not try to squeeze them you will end up with a scar skin.Yes they are harmless and arent painful and usually heal itself in two to three months time but you can accerlate the healing process by washing your face with warm water two to three times daily,and avoid using any oily makeup,creams and lotions.
However home remedies could help to heal milia rapidly. You can apply honey on the facial skin to treat the white bumps. Tea tree oil is also known to cure milia speedily.Use specific eye gels, glycolic acid or chamomile for nourishing the skin around your eyes.Cucumber, green tea and aloe vera are other options that can prevent milia around the eyes.

Is it contagious
Milia are not contagious with totally no risk of infection,milia occours when dead skin cells become trapped near the surface of the skin.

How to prevent Milia?
Milia are pretty much impossible to prevent if you are predisposed to it. You can take a few preventative measures to try and minimize the occurrences and severity of them. .The most effective solution till now is exfoliating facial scrub to remove the top layer of skin,which can enable the cryst to fall down.Milia is bery comman with sun burn skins.Sun toughens the outer layer of the skin making it difficult for skin to shed dead skin cells naturally.Another cause of milia is using oily and greasy creams around the eye area as they could clog your pores. Choose for oil-free products instead.Don’t use rough pillowcases that could irritate your skin.
Patience is the key here,wait till milia diminishes on its own.But if it stays there for longer then 2 months, you can always consult A qualified dermatologist who might pierce every milia spot and extract the cyst material.

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